The Day 1 of TBCW14 took place on December 11, Faletti's Hotel, Lahore, 2014 and exhibits the best bridal collection by our very own Faraz Manan. The collection was high in fashion and extremely enticing to be placed in wardrobe. Each season Faraz Manan brings the world to our feet with his marvelous creations and the story behind each piece is simply catchy and thought provoking. The designer collection is inspired from architecture, interiors, nature, culture and various peoples. From Lyallpur to Istanbul to Shanghai, Faraz Manan has transported us everywhere just through his clothing. Seems like we fashion buyers has travelled the whole world. This time at TBCW 2014 Faraz Manan took us to the tour of full circle, taking us back to our roots, to our culturally enriched city, Lahore.


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