This bridal fashion week hosted fusion of modern and conventional Pakistani Bridal fashion, with latest make-up and hair trends, to create the ideal look for 2014-2015 bridal seasons. Karma Red showcased “The Lotus Raj Collection” at the finale of Day 1 of PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2014. Inspired by the subcontinental’s essence and identity comprising of the monsoon, the exquisitely diverse flora ranging from the melancholy nargis, the velvety heady gulab, the sweet rainy frangipani and the fragrant pure motiya, the grand majestic fauna, the classic tea trolley, the sparkly independence day firecrackers, old family homes’ courtyards, the iconic romantic cities, the quintessential traditions, the history of our childhoods and the memories of the generations past, “The Lotus Raj Collection” consisted of five capsule collections: ‘RajKumari’ ‘Uns’ ‘Aatish’ inspired by ‘Thakuranis’ and ‘Saj Dhaj’ inspired from the traditions, colours and adornments of the subcontinent.


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